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20 May 2013 – Campaign Activity Report

We are pleased to announce a new Campaign Activity Report has been added to the Banner Ad Exchange that displays the amount of impressions sent to your campaigns.

8 May 2013 – Content Delivery Network

Banner Ad Exchange has now implemented a content delivery network for the banner ad which will make the banner ads load up even faster.

7 May 2013 – Wordpress plugin for Banner Ad Exchange

These now a Banner Ad Exchange Wordpress plugin which can be easily installed on any Wordpress site. Just search for BannerAdExchange in plugins or you can download it at:

29 May 2012 - New Auto Credit Assign function

The new “Daily Auto Credit Assign” function can assign a set amount of credits to your campaign every day. So if you earning a stable amount of credits each day this function can automatically assign those credits to your campaign of choose.

24 July 2011 - Advertising Rate

New advertising rate with better value that is as low as $0.05 for 1000 banner impressions.
Signup bonus has been increased to 1000 credits from 500 credits.

23 March 2011 - New Database Server

A new SQL database server was installed to handle the growth.

5 November 2010 - New Referral Program

Earn 20 percent of all the credits that the referral buys for the life of the account.

22 February 2010 - Campaign Credits

We have now added a function so the user can remove credits from a campaign and reassign then to another campaign.
Users can now define their website category.

13 September 2009 – Lost Password

These now a function so members can request their password to be emailed to them self.

2 September 2009 – Network Statistics & Priority Campaigns

The network statistics now displays the percentage of clicks per ad size group.
Priority is now given to paying customer campaigns, this mean faster delivery of impressions for paying customer.

17 July 2009 – Transfer Credits

The new function allows members to transfer credits to another Banner Ad member. This allows internet companies to offer their customer credits or members can sell their credits on sites like eBay.

14 July 2009 – Signup Check

A captcha check as been added to the signup form to stop robotic signups.

10 July 2009 – Network Statistics

A new statistics report has been added for members to help member’s maximizes their banner advertising.

20 May 2009 - Database Optimized

The database has been optimized to increase speed and suability. This is the first stage for the optimisation, the section stage will happen in a few months.

1 May 2009 – Securer Login

The login and logout function has been made more secure.

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  • As low as $0.05 for 1000 banner impressions
  • Add unlimited campaigns
  • Real time statistics
  • Anti-cheat protection
  • Powerfully campaign statistics

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For Publishers

  • Free banner ad exchange service
  • 4:3 Exchange rate
  • Bonus signup credits: 1000
  • Cash in earned credits
  • Referral program

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